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The Gorge Trail Run and Mountain Bike Ride Series

Weens onvoldoende inligting in die verlede was daar onsekerheid oor die deelname van Buffalo Gorge 'trail run' deer registreerde atlete.

Hier onder is die volgende skakels waar daar meer inligting verkry kan word rakende die aspek:

*verduideliking en tegniese detail

*voordele van veld wedlope

*'n verduideliking deur 'n ASA kommittee lid oor die tegniese aspekte

van deelname

Buffalo Gorge "Trail running" reeks

Buffalo Gorge trail running series

Benefits - why would we consider trail running


Every month!

Starts at 7:30 (in summer)

The MTB Chalenge and Trail Run traverse the plateau overlooking the "Avontuur Vallei" with primarily jeep track, some open dirt roads and single tracks. At buffalo Gorge we spend a lot of time on the single track so you will enjoy it.


More about the upcoming Gorge MTB Challenges and Trail Runs

The Buffalo Gorge Trail run series is now entering its second year and is a must for any trail runner and people who love nature and the outdoors.

As you arrive at the venue you cannot do so without noticing the beauty of nature around you. Having a higher average temperature – than Middelburg – makes it a comfortable race during winter time.

The variety the race presents, gives everyone a chance to take part to his or her ability and to challenge and test yourself to what the terrain offers.

The 2.5km is a good start for younger kids. There is also a 6.5km route which includes a short technical section. The 10km will start of technical with some gravel road and jeep track. If you are more up for the challenge, then the 18km will be for you. It will require a good level of fitness but will reward you with breath taking sights. Here you will also start off with steep technical sections. The three loops Dassie loop, Buffalo Gorge loop and Wetland loop will test your abilities with great views over Buffalo Gorge.

Just after the start the Dassie loop awaits you. Over a distance of 850 metres the climb will be a total of about 68 meters. This will be followed by a drop of about 82 meters. Turning left at the bottom towards the Buffalo Gorge loop it will be slightly down. Here the total accent will be approximately 84 meters but with a steeper gradient than the first one. At the top one will take a moment to catch your breath while appreciating the wonderful view.

The same drop down the mountain awaits you and after passing your starting point, the third (Wetland) loop will begin. Feeling like a Dassie again you will at some stages need your hands and feet to pass over the terrain after it will change to a rocky section going down to the gate.

The more even terrain will give a chance for recovery and getting into a comfortable pace. The jeep track will take you the single track section alongside the mountain. A must will be to stop at the 50 metre abseil site. Far down below you will see the Selons River snaking through the valley below.

From here you will cover another 2.5km before arriving at the wildcamp. Water from the fountain will wash some of the dust away and cool you down. It is wise to fill water bottles and hydration systems for the rest of the road ahead.

A rocky road will take you down and then up again towards the Dassie chair. After this a downhill section gives you a break and takes you through the trees down to the road again. A Blesbuck or warthog might be seen along the route by wary runner. With one km to go you can almost see the finish. A sausage roll awaits you and your experiences can be shared with your fellow runners and already be planning where to improve the next time.

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