Hikers’ Paradise

For the hikers, Buffalo Gorge offer 6 different routes. These routes vary in distances, to cater for all fitness-levels. These routes takes you through grasslands, wetlands, bushveld and riverine forests ; incorporating fauna and flora; for a great experience.

The White trail covers a distance of 12 or 15 km and is a great opportunity to explore the different ecozones of the farm. It cuts through a dense indigenous forest and past interesting rock formations, crossing several streams before reaching a savannah area. It then follows the edge of the escarpment, dips into a deep donga (home of hundreds of Bee-eaters) and winds back to the base camp across some flats. On the way you could see Kudu, Klipspringer, Duiker, Warthog and Baboon.

The Orange trail is a 90-minute walk through the indigenous forest – very scenic!

The Yellow trail is a 1-3 hour walk which takes you to the top of the plateau and back via one of three options. The Blue trail is particularly suitable for beginners and combines several interests such as hiking, abseiling, horseriding and tree identification.

Hikers can also enjoy a diverse Bird live on Buffalo Gorge. Over 80 species of birds have been seen over one weekend. The White Fronted Bee-eater roosts in the donga and the Black Eagles soar over the mountain.

Buffalo Gorge boasts with more than 80 species of indigenous trees. The growth of some of these trees has resulted in natural bonsai.