Horse (hhashi) Safari

Experience the gentle spirit of the Horse…

The ancient Greeks, ages ago recognised the healing effect of Horse riding on the body. The three dimensional movement experienced on horse back, stimulates specific areas in the Brain & has a healing effect on the Body. It is said that every individual must do horse riding everyday for at least one hour if possible.

At Buffalo Gorge, Horse Riding is one of the main activities the farm has to offer. They are led by highly experienced guides, and we provide for the novice as well as the experienced rider.

There is a fun-ride that lasts about two hours. For the more adventurous riders, there is a two-day horse safari weekend. Our visitors experience nature at its best, with flora identification, swimming, drinking crystal clear spring water, watching the starry skies, inhaling the fresh air and bird watching.

We also have full moon night rides, and pony rides for the kids. Our ponies; Frikkadel & Tequila, will entertain the young ones and they love the attention.

Remember, you do not need to be a regular rider, at Buffalo Gorge our Horses are well trained, and they know the routes very well.


Since we all have one thing in common, and that is a love for horse riding and nature, Buffalo Gorge would love to invite you for a Safari on Horse back, for an experience of a life time. An ideal place where horse riding (novices are welcome), pony rides, 15m & 50m abseiling, bird watching, hiking trails, mountain biking, nature walks and rock climbing will let any adventurer’s heart jump with joy. (own horses are welcome)

Just a short drive away from Pretoria, you will find an adventurous haven in the scenic ‘Avontuur’ valley called Buffalo Gorge. We have the experience to offer our clients the best quality life changing get away. We give the participants exposure that will “broaden” their minds and better their lives. Technology rushes ahead and makes our lives easier and more convenient, but there are times when one wishes to escape the rat race and the sophistication of modern life. If you are one of those who wish to leave behind the PC, the cell phone and the fast pace of life then Buffalo Gorge is a must.


*Adventurous outride to donga (fresh fountain water) through river ± 2 hours.

*Specifically designed mountain trails (rider and horse friendly and safe)
– Trappiesberg feel the horse power to 15m abseiling site, ± 2 hours.
– Scenic ‘Avontuur’ Valley to 50m abseiling site, 3 hours

*Moonlight rides
50-80 km outride on neighboring farms (Presidents Award)

Even more…

– Riding school year end functions
– Weekend safaris
– Pony Camps
– Basic horse riding skills Taming of horses
– Grooming and bathing of horses Basic care of horse riding equipment
– Basic veterinary care Fun “boeresport” with horses
– Art of teaching a horse to lie down

Extra activities for Pony Camp

– Hiking, Abseiling 15 & 50m, Archery, Swimming, Nature (bird watching & tree identification), Campfire (sing-a-long & concerts), Games (table tennis, tug-o-war, fingerboard, darts & volley ball)

2 HOUR FUN HORSE TRAILS AT BUFFALO GORGE (For Beginners, hikers & children)

There are approximately 10 well trained geldings available on each trip.  The horses know the road very well.  The owner matches the personalities of the horses and the riders – experience beforehand.

A “consent letter” is signed but precautions are taken to make the journey safe.  Inexperienced riders are placed in the middle of the group to keep a close eye on them.

The trail takes two hours with a rest at the turn-around point.  Drinking spring water and playing in the Donga.  For the inexperienced rider, the exercise can be harsh on the body, but with practice it can be enjoyable.

This trail is set in beautiful scenery. The journey consists of short distances (300m) walking – usually near stones; trotting (150m) where the road is well known to the horses and leader, and canter.  This can be easier than trotting for the inexperienced rider.  The last 500m back home is usually a fast canter. At a certain point trot the horses fast through a ditch (donga) from one side, into the ditch (donga) and out again.

Children, especially enjoy this trail and will be eager to go again.


You enjoy horse riding? Do you like nature? Then you have found the place to go… Buffalo Gorge!
Playing with the horses through “Avontuur ” valley at Buffalo Gorge.

During the three hour ride you discover so much…  The vegetation is so diverse, from open savannah (great to gallop), riding to the “Voet van die Waterberge” riding on the very edge of the cliff. Great views over the “avontuur” valley and the Selonsriver.

We will stop at the 50m abseiling site and go to “Ryk se klip”.  It is definitely a must for photographers.  There are dense bush, and even some swamps!  On the journey you might see leopard tracks!  There are also many birds (don’t miss the colorful Bee-eaters and their nests in the Donga).

The ride will bring you to many scenic viewpoints, as well as a breathtaking view of the canyon, where the more adventurous guest can abseil the 50m vertical cliffs.  On the way, take a sip from the fresh clear spring water, or eat some wild fruit!

So climb on the saddle for a unique South African ride.

* A consent letter is signed, but precautions are taken to make the journey safe.


Rock climbing with horses to the 15m abseiling site.  Ride to the dam (Wetland area) where good bird watching can be experienced with all the other good things offered by Buffalo Gorge.


Another unique experience to be had at Buffalo Gorge is a moonlight ride. See another side to the beautiful Buffalo Gorge landscape as your companions, the horse takes you out into the silver moonlight. This is an experience not to be missed!