Paintballing is a rapidly growing adventure sport world-wide and there are essentially three main variations of the game:

“There is no hunting like the hunting of man, and those who have hunted armed

men long enough and liked it, never care for anything else thereafter.” Ernest Hemmingway

Capture the Flag

In this option the paintball game is where the team must take the flag from the designated flag station, either at the opponents’ starting position on the opposite side of the field, or in the center of the field. The flag from the opponent’s starting position must be ‘hung’ at one’s own flag station or in the case of center flag (also known as the “Cutthroat” variation), at the opposing team’s station.


This action paintball game is all about a team or individual player eliminating all of the opposing team members.

“King of the Castle”

This option is great for a paintball party or team building as 2 or more teams are required to capture and hold 1 or more bases.

The game is won by the team tat holds the base for the longest time.

You can participate in this adventure sport at a number of different levels. If you are looking for a fun outing or team building event, then this sport is perfect and an ideal day’s adventure experience. If you get bitten by the bug, and the thrill of the hunt, then you can go on to join one of the many leagues and even compete in local and international paintballing competitions.


The rapid growth of this adventure sport has seem a huge increase in he number of paintball venues. It is now a huge indusrty and you can kit yourself out with a large number of extra items and specialised pieces of paintball equiment to increase your tactical advantage.

Although equipment used in the paintball game depends on the type of game being played, the environment and the skill levels of the participants, each player must have three basic pieces of equipment.

 A Paintball marker/gun

 Mask (for protection)

 Paintballs (amo)

If you want to play paintball and are less serious about the game, these items can usually be hired out on-site, or are included in the entrance fee. For those out to excert their tactical authority, you can get specialised gear from a number retailers – but beware, before you know it you could be walking out of the store with your wallet feeling a lot lighter.


Action paintball as an adventure sport is not inherently dangerous, but as with many sports if you don’t obey the rules you are going to get hurt – or hurt someone. For this reason, the rules are strictly implemented and there are usually one or more referees on-site during a game.

For those that want to play paintball the first and most important rule, is that safety goggles/helmet must be worn at all times. No helmet = no game!!

Other rules vary between paintball venues but usually include the following; restrictions on velocity of paintball, prohibition on overshooting and blind shooting, no physical contact and no shooting of spectators or referees! Also rules may vary depending on the size and age of the participants in a paintball party. The penalties for overstepping these rules, range from instant disqualification to some sort of handicap in the game.

Interesting Facts: The following interesting facts were sourced from a Wikipedia article. Paintballing has grown dramatically over the past 23 years with it currently being a multi million-dollar industry, played in over 60 countries around the world with a wide variety of paintball venues that offer various obstacles and features. # In 2003, over 10 million people played Paintball in the United States alone. # Paintball is the third most popular extreme adventure sport in the United States. # 7600 Paintball teams compete in the USA in over 325 tournament events. # 1.4 million people play Paintball more than 15 times per year. # 90% are between the ages of 12 and 24 with 85% of them been male. # The average Paintball player spends $44.00 every time they play and nearly $100.00 every time they visit a Paintball retail shop. # 45% of frequent players come from households with incomes of more than $50,000.00 .