About 2 hours from Jhb, Pta & Nelspruit, take the Middelburg west offramp (just before/after Ultra City). Turning towards Middelburg on the offramp, Head straight till you reach the T-junction.  Turning right, you will be in W Sisulu Str.  Heading into Middelburg.  Follow W Sisulu Str. out of town heading towards Globlersdal/ Loskopdam/N11. About 20km out of town turn at the Elandslaagte/Buffalo Gorge Board. Please Phone us at this point (A), since cellphone signal stops at (B).  Travel for about 8 km, turning right at the Buffalo Gorge sign.  After 50m there will be another Buffalo Gorge sign turn left. Then after 2 km left at the Buffalo Gorge sign, now only 6 km to go follow the Buffalo Gorge signs to the camp site. PLEASE NOTE: Turn left at the round Buffalo Gorge sign see photo above right, do NOT go to Buffalo Ranch. PLEASE NOTE: Although we have a lot of happy campers who visit us with their cars PLEASE TAKE NOTICE THE DIRT ROAD IS NOT SUITABLE FOR VERY LOW CLEARANCE/VALUABLE VEHICLES. Our “Wild Camp” visitors must not go to the traditional campsite but turn right at the round Buffalo Gorge sign as seen above then follow the “Wild Camp” signs for about 4km (see vp. 6 on 4×4 map and n.17 on hiking map).  PLEASE NOTE: Road to “Wild Camp” is 4×4 only.

Turn left when you see the following sign: