Over 80 species of Birds have already been identified on one weekend (list available). The buffelskloof farm (623ha) is 36km north of Middelburg. The area becomes more hilly and mountainous with some high cliffs, bushveld vegetation occurs as it drops from highveld to middelveld, providing diverse birding opportunities.

Interesting Sites for Profile Bird Life

1. Donga: The white fronted Bee-eaters roosting in Donga

2. “Die voet van die WATER BERGE”: Black Eagles soaring over the mountains (AVONTUUR VALLEI) with rock formation

3. Wetland: Buffalo Gorge wetland is the heart of the farm. Support a range of specialized birds. Healthy wetlands, healthy people, fauna and flora.

4. Grassland: Long areas of mixed grassland.

5. Water: Seleons river, Bobejaan loop (spruit); 7 springs on farm, 7 dams in farm and wetland etc.

Click on the links below to download our Buffalo Gorge bird or tree list. We are also requesting our visitors to email us their photos of birds taken at Buffalo Gorge so that we can add it to our bird list.