Buffalo Gorge is justly proud of its abseiling sites.

– Buffelskloof 20m abseil

The 20m site is situated in a kloof close to the main camp.  A distance of approximately 500m is travelled along a stream in the kloof and under the trees.  The path is marked with yellow dots.  The abseiling site is situated on the right hand side.  From the top of the kloof one has the most beautiful view of the kloof and the main camp below.  There are no artificial anchors.  There are wild seringas and rocks a little further back that can be used for anchors, but do not use the “Lekkerbreek” trees as anchors – they break very easily.  At first one must make sure of your footwork until you reach a small ledge – then the adrenaline flows!  You will then descent a 5m vertical rock face, followed by a free-hanging abseil over the overhang for the last 5m!  (Route marked with white dots back to the camp or back to the top).

Climb Billy the Kid! (grade 12 – easy) 20m – (Only top-rope anchors at top)

Description: This top-rope route is ideal for first-time climbers, school groups and families. This route is not situated at the same crag as the other climbs, but at the 20m abseil crag (Buffelskloof Berg) about a 500m walk from the campsite.

* Qualified Rock Climbing Guides can be organised to facilitate climbing.

– 2 X The 50m Abseiling Sites at the “voet van die waterberg”

1) Ryk se klip 50m abseil
This abseil starts with an easy 10 metre descend to a ledge and then the descend continues with spectacular exposure.

2) Avontuur Vallei 50m abseil
This abseil starts with a vertical decend for about 15 metres. Suddendly the rock will disappear from under you feet and then starts the exhilirating fantastically exposed free hanging descend to the bottom.

This is one of the most beautiful sites in SA and is rated one of the top ten in the country.  In 2006 the 70 km Dark Zone Adventure Race took place at this venue.

The 50m abseil sites are situated 4 km north east of the camp and certainly separates the men from the boys!  With slow and careful driving the site can be reached by a normal vehicle, but high clearance vehicles are recommended. This site overlooks the most beautiful Avontuur Valley.  The view alone makes the trip worth the effort!

Two Anchor sites have been professionally identified to ensure convenience and safety.  Looking down and to your left you will see “Die Klip” a great rock that is an adrenaline must for action (when doing abseiling)  nature and adventure photographers.   From the top the drop looks about 100m as the valley stretches widely beneath you.

The first part of the abseil is easy – you drop 7 m to the ledge where you can have a rest and again admire the view.  For the ledge you drop 30-35m to a overhang, thereafter a freefall of 15 – 20m and an opportunity of a 360-degree  panoramic view.

The walk back is interesting but do be careful of mountain mettles.  Follow a 300m path along the fast of the diff (marked with yellow dots) where a chain enable you to climb to the top.  Along the walk back you will reach a rock that offers a great spot for taking photographs of the abseil site and the valley.

For abseiling you are welcome to bring your own equipment – however a facilitator and equipment is available on request.  We also have a 50m high, 1 km site for rock climbing but please bring your own equipment.  If you do rock climbing you can sleep at the spring with long drop.  (See white trail).